About Us

Cameron Bridge Works, LLC is an AISC Certified Fabricator that practices value engineering. Located in beautiful upstate New York, our manufacturing facility occupies 63,000 square feet. CBW takes the appropriate steps to ensure the highest quality product from design and fabrication to delivery. CBW will begin the design process with our standard models or we can work with custom designs. We have a professional engineer in house as well as a certified weld inspector with the capability to design and fabricate both pedestrian bridges (4’W-20’W) and vehicular bridges (10’W-36’W).

  • Design – Bridges will be designed to meet all codes, loadings, specifications, and geometry requirements. 
  • Fabrication – Our shop has equipment and certified staff to fabricate most any kind of bridge project.
  • Finishing/Decking – Once the main structure is complete, it will be finished (sandblasted, painted, galvanized or powder coated). Decking will be put in place or will be supplied with a SIP Form for concrete to be poured. 
  • Delivery – We will coordinate all trucking for your bridge and give recommended handling instructions for unloading and erecting the completed structure.

In addition: 

  • We prepare propriety bid specifications and incorporate them with your specific project. 
  • As a supplier, we work on a confidential basis with a contractor or design consultant with design build, private or public projects. 
  • Our experienced sales team can generate estimated budgets through telephone or email consultation. 


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