A bridge deck is the roadway or pedestrian walkway; the surface of the bridge and is one of the structural elements of the superstructure. Cameron Bridge Works, LLC offers many deck options for your bridge needs. 

TIMBER DECKING: Cost efficient and labor saving, this decking gives an attractive look to the bridge. Timber is treated to give long term performance against degradation. (species available: southern yellow pine, hardwood, doug fir, and glulam)
STAY IN PLACE (SIP) FORM: SIP forms have a light-weight and high strength to weight ratio sustaining heavier loads. Made from light gauge galvanized steel. Easy installation. Forms are in place for your concrete deck. 
CONCRETE LUMBER: Made from a patented cementitious composite mixture, this deck will not rot, rust, or burn; and resists chemical treatment. It's half the weight of standard concrete volume. This deck can be painted, stained, sawed, nailed, and screwed. 
COMPOSITE DECKING: Man-made, eco-friendly product that includes an approximate equal mix of recycled wood fibers and plastic. Because composite decking products are so durable and impervious to rot they have a much longer life span than wood deck and easy to maintain. 
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